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How to Host Your Holiday Party With RSVPify
How to Host Your Holiday Party With RSVPify

This quick guide will give you the basics of holiday event set-up to simplify planning

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Many come to RSVPify to streamline logistics so they can focus on the event itself - and in the quick video below, we'll give you an overview of how to simplify your holiday event planning with RSVPify. Note that we have a few public demos on this page so you can test out a few registration experiences yourself.

Choose A Template

First step - login to RSVPify and create an event on the platform - enter all key details about the event or mark as tbd if planning is still in progress.

Next, select one of our holiday templates. Don’t see anything you like? No worries! You can customize any template you choose to match the look and feel of your company’s event. See our sample below of how a branded holiday party can look.

Click here for our guide on how to customize our templates by changing the theme, colors, images and a corresponding design guide for image sizing and placement so that your event registration experience is optimized for whatever device your colleagues and guests will use.

Event Website

You can also choose to include as much or as little information about your event using blocks on the event website (see our guide on this here) - or turn the event website off completely to show just the registration page (more on hiding the event website here).

Form Builder - Registration/RSVP Form

The next step is to build the registration page itself. Use a basic RSVP block to collect the names and numbers of guests - or add custom questions to get more information - like dietary restrictions, allergies, and any other relevant info you might need.

Invite List

If you’re planning to send event communications through RSVPify, we recommend you upload an invitation list using our excel template. Choose to give your colleagues 0, +1, or +x guests to ensure that all who are welcome to attend are invited. More on how to upload your invite list here.

Event Communications

Design your invitation and other event communications, like an invite follow-up, reminder emails, looking forward to seeing you, and thank yous. We have a great guide on how to use the email to customize your messages by using merge tags, links to RSVP, QR codes for check-in, etc (click here for that guide). As an add on to our Enterprise Plan, you can choose to white-label these communications so they send from [anything]

Or choose to simply share the event registration link via your internal channels or company listservs. More on that here.

Tracking Responses at the Dashboard

As responses come in, track your RSVPs via your dashboard. Change your dashboard view to see quick counts of responses to custom questions and export your registration list at any time to a csv file (more on that here). You can also opt to turn on host notifications to receive updates directly to your inbox.

Check-In Suite

Finally, on the day of the event, use the Check-in Suite - or app - on any internet-connected Andriod or iOS device to track event attendance. Here's our guide on how to launch the Check-in Suite once you've collected registrations.

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