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Video Tours & Overviews

Watch brief videos highlighting core RSVPify features.

2 articles
Submitting Your RSVP (I'm an invitee!)

How to submit an RSVP as an event invitee.

1 article
Getting Started

Collection tailored to describe different event types and use cases of RSVPify.

3 articles
How RSVPify Works

Learn how to leverage RSVPify for your event planning needs.

62 articles
Feature Highlights

This section showcases the unique features and capabilities of RSVPify.

20 articles
RSVP & Registration Setup

Step-by-step guidance to help you set up and customize your RSVP and registration process.

25 articles
Event Website Setup

Resources and guidance to help you create a professional, customized event website using RSVPify's website builder.

8 articles
Design & Customization

Tailor the look and feel of your event website and registration form to match your brand.

11 articles
Email Invitations & Blasts

How to create and send personalized email invitations and messages to your guests.

33 articles
Selling Tickets & Charging Credit Cards

Setting up and managing ticket sales and payments for your event.

24 articles
Check-in Suite

How to use RSVPify's powerful event check-in tools on the day of your event.

20 articles
Security & Data Privacy

RSVPify's data privacy and security policies, protocols and procedures.

8 articles

Various topics and issues related to RSVPify.

15 articles
Accounts, Plans & Pricing

Resources and guidance on managing subscriptions, payments, and pricing.

18 articles

Learn what kind of integrations RSVPify offers and how to set them up.

15 articles

Helpful tips and solutions to common issues that you may encounter when using RSVPify.

8 articles