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Design Best Practices and Recommendations
Design Best Practices and Recommendations

Recommendations for file types, sizes, and design tips

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Welcome - This guide walks through our best practices and recommendations for designing your website and optimizing it for multiple devices.

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Basic Image Requirements:

Before we get into the details, here are a few basic requirements for your creative:

  • Supported file types: JPEG, PNG

  • Max file size: 2MB

  • Recommended file size: 500KB

Getting Started - Responsive Design

RSVPify's event websites are, by-default, responsive. That means the position and sizing of your content will adjust as you change your browser size or the device you’re viewing on. This is important to ensure your website can be viewed on any device, especially mobile phones! We'll talk more about responsive design elements throughout this guide, but this is important to note this as you get started designing.

The answer to common questions like “Why is my image cropping on mobile?” or “My background image is distorted.” lies in understanding responsive design, and choosing images that can adapt to the shape of different browsers and devices.

Testing your responsive event website

Testing changes on your mobile device gives the most accurate display and is the only way to explore portrait and landscape orientations. But you can get a quick preview using our device preview as you edit!


Before providing size recommendations - it is important to note that there are 2 general layouts for your landing page:


(via customize > event website builder)


The cover block is the top header image on your event wall. Here are a few key things to note about this block type:

  • Images uploaded will always resize to the height of the device

  • Optional text will live in the bottom, left corner of the block

  • The image can be set to cover and zoom, or fit and scale.

  • The cover block is optional and can be disabled

📐 Size Recommendation:

2000 px width x 1830 px height

IMPORTANT: If your cover block image has text or other important content, leave a margin around the outside to ensure important content is not cut off on small devices. Important content should be aimed towards the center.


(via customize > form builder)


The form background will live on the right side of your page behind the registration. However, if the event wall is disabled, this will be your full-page background.

📐 Size Recommendation:

Website enabled: 1290 px width x 1830 px height

Website disabled (full page): 1920 px width x 1080 px height


Once you upload a custom logo, it can be set to a percentage size of your choosing based on the width of your form.

100% Logo Size (event wall enabled): 594 PX

100% Logo Size (event was disabled): 768 PX

📐 Size Recommendation: We'd recommend uploading a logo at least 600px in length to ensure your logo will be clear at any size.


The maximum size of the logo that can be added to the top of the email is 200 px wide. Images added within the body will be slightly smaller (580 px) due to the margin on the sides of the email.

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