When you create an RSVPify event, you will create a URL for it to live on. You can create a link of your choice (as long as it is available!).

Once you create your event, there are a few places you can easily locate the URL to copy (or update) it. If you have shared your event invitation link or QR code, do not change the URL.

Where to find your event link:

  1. Setup > Event Settings > Event Details
    *This is where you can update/change your event URL

    rsvpify event URL

  2. Copy it from your event actions menu

    Copy event URL

  3. Copy it from your home dashboard

    copy event link

How to list your event URL on online invitations, paper invitations, or flyers

Your event URL should be listed the same way it is listed/copied in the above steps:

Do not include WWW in the URL. Learn more here.

However you choose to list your URL, please double-check for typos and test going to the URL from your own device using incognito/private browsing mode.

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