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Obtain specific details from your participants by using this super functional feature

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Adding custom questions to your form allows you to gain insight into your participants, gather additional information from them, or even receive feedback about your event organization. The key to every great event organization is knowing which question(s) to ask your invitees and with this RSVPify's feature you are able to learn more about them: dietary restrictions, hotel/lodging information, transportation requirements, qualifying information (phone number, company name, etc.), social profile link, web URL, quantity information, date&time details, etc.

You can select between a variety of question types:

  • Single-line text

  • Multi-line text

  • Select one

  • Select multiple

  • Dropdown

  • Date&Time

  • Social Profile Link

  • Web URL

  • Phone Number

  • Quantity

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Mailing Address

Custom question types provided by RSVPify.

To make sure you get all the data you need, we have added some very important features: you can choose to make an answer to the question required (which means the invitee can't proceed without answering the question) and you can select how you want to question the invitees, whether it is once per group or individually.

The next step when setting up custom questions would be to select the audience for your question: those attending, not attending, or maybe attending or set it to be asked always - regardless of the response for the event.

To make sure you get to ask specific questions to specific invitees, we have also implemented some additional criteria for custom questions. If you have tagged any of your guests with a certain tag you can choose to ask the question only to the tagged invitees (and their +1s, if selected).

To include the custom question(s) to your form, you will need to navigate to the Form Builder under the Customize section in your left navigation menu, add it to your form, and from there select which type of question you want to ask.

Here is an overview of the custom questions creation process:

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