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How to add details to my event website?
How to add details to my event website?

Event Website Overview

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RSVPify enables you to update your Event Website with a variety of different blocks and provide your guests with every detail of your event. You can add as many blocks as you want and give a personal touch to your website. From Cover Block to the Gift Registry Block, here’s a detailed website blocks overview: 

1. Cover Block

Cover Block is the first thing the guests see when they enter your event’s URL. Usually, hosts include the name of the event, as well as the date & time details and the address of the event’s location. Try to keep it simple by not including too many event details in this block. You can personalize your website even more by adding the picture of your own choice to the cover block. 

Event website cover block

2. Show Who's Attending Block

This block will let you publically share the names of registered attendees. Once you add this block to your event website and start collecting registrations/RSVPs, the names of registered attendees will start populating in this block and will be visible to everyone with your event's link.

See Who Is Attending Block

3. Text Block

Use the text block to write a welcome message to your invitees or note all the important event details. The block is fully customizable and you can write whatever you want or even upload a picture or include a hyperlink.

Text Block

4. Map

Let your guests know the location of your event with an interactive map feature we have included in the website blocks. It is very easy to use as your guests can click on the map which links to Google so they can get the directions easily. Just make sure the address of your event's location is correct. 

Map Block

5. Schedule of Events

When registering to your event, it's very helpful for your invitees to know the planned schedule of events. Use this feature so those who are attending are familiar with a list of times at which possible events are intended to take place.

Schedule of Events Block

6. Speakers

If you are hosting speakers or need to introduce any other persons that are of great importance for your event, this is the perfect feature for you. Besides writing the name of the person and adding the picture, you can include their short biography or interesting details about them, as well as include external links to their websites and/or professional profiles.

Speakers Block

7. Sponsors

This block makes it easy for you to let your guests know who's sponsoring your event. By paying tribute to them, you also show that you appreciate what they have done for you. Upload the image/logo of your sponsors, write their name, and include their website's URLs or links to their professional profiles. 

Sponsors Block

8. Accommodations

You can add hotel information event details and include custom links to any external hotel websites. 

Accommodations Block

9. Gift Registry

With the Gift Registry feature, it is easy to offer invitees the option to give a monetary gift while they submit their RSVP. Add the stores you're registered at or allow cash gifts (or both).

Gift Registry Blocl

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