Email Builder Overview

A guide to creating email invites, reminders, and blasts

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The article below walks you the basics of the email builder. For a preview of what it shares, view this quick video:

How to create a new email

In your event's left navigation menu, locate Email Communications and then select New Email. Give your mailing a name. This is just an internal field for your reference!

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Compose Your Email

The left menu allows you to customize other basic details (like the subject line!) along with some design elements (like adding a logo and changing colors!)

Customizing your email content

To get started editing, simply click into the email body. We've placed in some default text to get you started, but this can be edited, or removed altogether!

Customizing email text

To customize the look of your text, simply highlight the text you would like to edit to bring up your editing options.

Adding buttons, images, merge tags & more

Click on the '+' icon on the left side of your email preview to add new fields:

  1. Bullet List

  2. Ordered (Numbered) List

  3. Insert Button

  4. QR Code for Check-In

Size recommendations

The maximum size of the logo that can be added to the top of the email is 200 px wide. The email body is 600 px wide - Images added within the body will be slightly smaller (580 px) due to the margin on the sides of the email.

Adding links to your email

  1. Hyperlink any text by highlighting the text and selecting the link icon:

  2. Add a custom button with your link:

For more email guides, visit this page.

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