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Setting Up your Class Reunion on RSVPify
Setting Up your Class Reunion on RSVPify

Detailed guide to setting up a class reunion.

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Step by step guide to setting up your class reunion on RSVPify

Step 1: Design Your Event

Choosing a layout: RSVPify events have two choices when it comes to the event layout: event website and form vs. form only. You will customize this within your event's left navigation menu. It's a personal choice and entirely up to the event host - however, for class reunions, the event website and form layout tends to be the most popular choice!

This is what an event looks like with the event website + form.

This is what an event looks like with the event website turned off (hidden as described above).

Designing your website: Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

Add an image: A class photo, the school logo/mascot, or an image of the venue where the reunion will take place are a few ideas!

Update the colors of the page to reflect the school's colors, or colors that coordinate with the theme/activities.ย 

Add important event details and a message that will get invitees excited to the event website! Make sure to outline the important stuff: date, time, location, cost, dates tickets are on sale, etc.

Want guests to see who's coming? Allow guests to see who has already RSVP'ed/purchased tickets to the reunion by enabling the see who's coming feature! To enable this feature, head over to Event Website Builder > Available Blocks > Show Who's Attending. Click on the '+' icon and add the block to the website.

Step 2: Set up your RSVPS & Tickets

Your reunion may have a simple setup with one date/time/location and 1 ticket option, or a weekend full of events and multiple payment options. Whichever you're setting up, you can definitely do so with RSVPify.
โ€‹Add Tickets: To add tickets, you'll go to the Form Builder of your event. If you have multiple events, you can set up different ticket tiers for those events or set them up as different sessions.

Setup using ticket tiers:

๐Ÿ’ก Want to offer early bird discounts? Learn more here.

Multiple Events? No problem! Depending on your exact requirements, you can use a secondary event or custom question to collect responses for multiple events and activities related to your reunion. You can read about different session setups here.

Sell Raffles, T-Shirts, ANYTHING!: Add-ons and custom questions can also be used to collect payments for add-on items such as t-shirts or raffles. You can even add custom questions that are associated with guests selecting add-ons, such as requesting the t-shirt style or size!

Collect Optional Gifts/Donations: Want to give classmates the opportunity to chip in for a gift from the class (or any other optional donation)? Set up this optional payment via form builder > cash donation or gift:

Step 3: Setup your Stripe Account

While we know Stripe's setup process is a bit business-centric, you can definitely use Stripe to collect payments for your class reunion and other personal/private events. We put together a step-by-step guide to walk you through that setup process, so you can get up and running in no time!ย 

Once your Stripe account is set up, you can connect it to your RSVPify account. Simply go to Event Settings > Payments & Coupons and click 'Connect Now' to log in to your account and connect.

Step 4: Test & GO LIVE!

You can view and test your RSVP by clicking on the "Preview Event" eye icon on the top right corner of your screen. Just enter your own details, or some fake info to run through the process as a guest. You can delete these tests later!

Note: If you are using the guest list, add yourself to the guest list first!ย 

Submit a Test Payment: While your event is in test mode, you can submit a test payment to see the process through checkout. Here's a 'dummy' credit card you can test with:

4242 4242 4242 4242

*Expiration date and CVV (verification) can be any random value you like. Make sure your expiration date is in the future and your CVV is a numerical value.

Once your Stripe account is connected and everything is set up as you'd like, you're ready to publish your event into and collect real payments!

Step 5: Invite your guests

When you created your RSVPify event, you selected a URL for it to live on (ie. You can find and edit your URL under Event Settings > Event Details.

You can use this URL to share your event with guests any way you'd like -- send it in a text message, on social media, printed on a paper invite, etc!ย 

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