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Can I upload my own invitation or image(s)?
Can I upload my own invitation or image(s)?

Yes! You're welcome to upload your own invitation, photos, or creative when customizing your event!

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Have an existing invitation you've made or photos you'd like to upload and want to incorporate that into your event's design? No problem - it's very easy to do!

It only takes a few minutes, but adds a nice touch in terms of making your event invitation look and feel like it has been personalized.

There are a few different places where you can add images to your website and registration/RSVP Form which can be located in the event website builder and form builder.

Event Website Builder

Cover Block

The cover Block is the first thing your guests see when they enter your event’s URL. Hosts usually like to keep things simple here, and only include the event name and time & date details, but this block is a great place to upload an image that describes your event and sets the theme for it.

To upload an image here, click on the little gear icon, click 'Add an Image' and then select the picture that you want to upload. If you have multiple pictures that you want to upload to the cover block you can do so by uploading them all - this will create a slideshow in your cover block.

For optimal experience, we recommend the following image size:

1800 px width
1830 px height

Text Block

Text Block is fully customizable, and while you can write the important details of your event here, you can upload a picture as well - just click on the '+' button and then click the image icon. Locate and upload the picture of your choice.

Upload an image to the text block

Image Block

The Image Block was created just for that - adding pictures. And just like in the cover block, you can also upload multiple pictures here and create a slideshow. Click on the '+' icon to add the image block to your event wall and then click 'Add an Image' to upload your image(s).

Adding an image to the image block

Form Builder

Click here to read about adding a picture to the back of your registration/RSVP form.

Apart from the Form Theme where you can upload a picture to the back of your form, there are a few places in the Form Builder where you can upload an image as well.

Welcome Message Block

Similar to the Text Block in the Event Website, you can add a picture to the Welcome Message Block by clicking on the '+' button and uploading a picture. Hosts like to keep things simple here and usually upload a simple "RSVP" sign or a creative element specific for their event.

Image & Text Block

This block works the same as the text block in the Event Website, and uploading pictures here can be done by clicking on the '+' button and selecting the desired .jpeg or .png file.

Confirmation Screen / Not Attending Screen

Based on the response of your invitees, they will be taken to either the confirmation or the not attending screen. You can upload creative there as well if you want to further stylize your event page.

You can do so by adding an 'Image & Text Block' to those pages - this block works exactly the same there as well.

Email Invitations / Campaigns

If you want to add an image to your email invitation, you can do so by locating the 'upload image' button on the email invitation page:

1. Navigate to Email > New Email

2. Find the location in the body of your email where you would like to put your image.

3. Locate the '+' icon on the left side of the email builder

4. Select the 'insert image' icon

5. Select and insert your image

Please note that the images need to be .jpeg or .png files under 2 MB in size for a successful upload.

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