Want guests to see who's coming? You can now add a block to your event website to allow guests to see who has already registered/RSVP'ed to your event.

Step 1: Setup > Event Website

In your event's left navigation menu locate Setup and from there select Event Wall. Your website's event wall is made of informative blocks that you can use to provide guests with details of your event.

Event Website

Step 2: Add 'Show Who's Attending' block to the website
Under available blocks locate this block and click on the + icon. This will immediately place the block to the bottom of your event website.

Adding Show Who's Attending block to event website

Step 3: Edit block settings in its settings drawer

Show Who's Attending settings drawer

Step 4: When you are ready, publish the event and start receiving registrations!

Names of registered attendees will start populating in this block and they will be visible to everyone with your event's link.

See Who's Attending

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