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How to Sell Tickets to your Event with Facebook
How to Sell Tickets to your Event with Facebook

Combining the Power of RSVPify and Facebook to Sell Event Tickets Online

Updated over a week ago

RSVPify and Facebook are perfectly compatible to sell tickets online & drive sales. Here's what you need to know.

Details of your event can be customized in the RSVPify event builder. A specific section named 'Social Network Sharing' via the Event Settings page allows you to customize the way the post about your event is later going to be shared via social networks.

Social Network Sharing

Why Should I Use RSVPify + Facebook To Sell Tickets?

Whatever audience you are trying to reach for your event, the chances are that a good number of them are on Facebook. Given the marketing capabilities of Facebook creating an event on that particular social network is a great way to generate buzz and drive ticket sales with the ability for guests to promote your event for you on their own page and channels.

The process itself takes less than a few minutes and can have a major impact on the success of your event. It is also a huge time saver if you don't have a previously established guest or distribution list to market and sell tickets to.

  1. Create an event on Facebook (to promote to Facebook fans).

  2. Create a parallel event on RSVPify, a fast, free-to-use, and easy event ticketing platform. Then, you'll add your RSVPify event URL to the "Buy Tickets" button on your Facebook event page.


    Create free ticketed event on RSVPify.

    Sell tickets online with RSVPify. Promote your event on Facebook.

​What is RSVPify?

With the ability to add coupon codes, sell tickets at different tiers/prices, and even send your guests customized confirmations + calendar invites, RSVPify is a one-stop shop for everything you need to successfully sell tickets online with competitive ticketing fees.

Getting Started

How Do I Sell Tickets Online with RSVPify?

To get started, simply create a free ticketed event like the one in the image below, on RSVPify. When you create your event, you will select the custom URL that your ticket sales page will be hosted on. Once you create your Facebook event, you will direct guests to this link to purchase tickets from your Facebook event

Selling tickets through RSVPify.

Creating your Ticketed Facebook Event

Facebook's speedy event creation process will allow you to upload a photo (or video!) to act as your cover image and detail all the pertinent event information that guests will need. You'll want to make sure to create a public event so you can add your ticketing link and allow users to share the event!

Add your RSVPify Link to Sell Tickets

Towards the end of the event creation flow, you'll find the Admission section. Here is where the URL can be added to direct guests to purchase tickets for your event! Simply copy and paste your RSVPify link to this section and finish creating your event and start spreading the word.

Ready To Sell Out Your Next Event With RSVPify and Facebook?

Start by creating your free ticketed event on RSVPify

Create free ticketed event on RSVPify.

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