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🎨 Customizing Your Event Website & Form's Colors and Fonts
🎨 Customizing Your Event Website & Form's Colors and Fonts

Website theme and form theme overview

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Want to change the fonts and colors on your template? This guide will walk you through just that!

Website Theme

Event Website Builder > Update Website Theme

Choose between 41 title fonts and six title sizes, as well as stylize the colors of the accents, titles, text, and background. Match the colors on your Event Website and don't forget to make the text stand out and visible on the background.Β 

In the mobile preview, the RSVP button color is determined by the accent color and the text in the button, as well as the body text on your event website blocks, can be edited by changing the color in the "Text" section.

Cover Block

Cover Block is the part of your event website, and it's the first thing the guests see when they enter your event's URL. Hosts usually try to keep this block simple by only including the event's title, date/time, and/or address.

By clicking on the settings button of the cover block, you can add a cover image or create a slideshow with multiple images. Uploaded images will always resize to the height of the device, and the image format can be set to cover and zoom or fit and scale. Further stylizing of the cover block may be done by changing fonts and sizes, but remember, the changes made here will only apply to the cover block and not to other blocks of your event wall. Optional text will live in the bottom, left corner of the block by system default and cannot be moved around.

The cover block is optional and can be disabled by toggling off the cover block button in the added blocks section.

Form themeΒ 

Form Builder > Update Form Theme

Updating Form Theme allows you to edit your background image for the form side of the page. Further customization of the Form Theme is possible by adding a logo of your event, as well as changing the colors of the background, text, titles, and accents.Β 

Form Theme Customizations

You can change the background of the form in two ways. You can either add an image to the background or choose a color that will emphasize the form itself. The whole step-by-step process of changing the background is thoroughly explained in this guide.

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