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How can I offer discounts to my attendees?
How can I offer discounts to my attendees?

You can offer discounts to your attendees by creating coupons.

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By creating coupons for your event, you can offer your attendees different types of discounts. These include but are not limited to early bird, family & friends, VIP, sponsors, and many others. The process of setting up discount coupons is fairly simple and the steps of the process are explained below.

Step 1: Locate Payments & Coupons under your Event Settings
In your event's left navigation menu, locate Event Settings section. From there, select Payments & Coupons.

Step 2: Add a new coupon
Click add a new coupon on this page, below the currency settings.

Step 3: Name the code and set your discount
Set up your coupon to fit your desired discount options. Coupon code is the code guests will enter at checkout. Your discount can either be a percent or fixed amount.

The coupon can be set to apply to the value of the Total Order (default) or to a specific item/ticket. If it is set up to apply to individual tickets, then it will apply to each ticket purchased in a single registration, so if it is set to 25% then that value will be deducted from each ticket purchased. However, this will also work the same for the fixed amount option, so if the discount is $10 for specific tickets, then that value will be deducted from each ticket purchased.

Note: Discount codes do not apply to any donations that are included by the guest

Step 4: Set your discount coupon restrictions
Early bird discounts are usually restricted to a certain date or number of redemptions. You can set either using the toggle settings below the discount amount. You can also set the code to only apply to specific tickets, rather than the entire order total.

Note: The number of redemptions refers to the number of submissions that were received with a coupon code. It does not refer to the number of tickets that it was applied to. In other words - one registration (regardless of the number of tickets purchased within it) equals one coupon redeemed.

Step 5: Save & Share
Click save to create your coupon code. Feel free to run through your registration and enter the code to see it in action. Then, share your discount code however you are sharing your event webpage with guests!

Guest Registration Experience

Your guests should be able to apply the discount code at the checkout section on your event form, once they reach the end of their registration by clicking on the "Apply coupon" option.

Once they do that, they should be able to see the "Subtotal Amount" with the applied discount to their total ticket amount and head on to the "Pay & Submit" option.

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