Including a QR Code on your invitation is a great way to give guests an easy and streamlined process. Making the RSVP process easy means getting in your RSVPs faster, and hopefully doing less follow up with your guests! With the RSVPify scannable QR code, guests can easily navigate to your RSVP, without having to type in the event URL into their address bar! 

Here are the steps to access and customize this feature: 

  1. Locate the feature by going to Invite > Add a QR Code to Your Invitation
  2. Customize the color of your code to match your invitation
  3. Use the RSVPify envelope, replace the logo with your own image, or disable the image feature all together 
  4. Click 'Download QR Code Image' 
  5. Make sure to test out your QR code on your invitation before going to print 

Looking for the perfect invitations to add a QR code?
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Tips & Advice
⭐️ Include the suggested language copy on your invite to prevent confusion
⭐️ Do not select white or an extremely light color for the code

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