Using RSVPify's email tool to send invitations and other communications to invitees makes for a seamless process of communicating with invitees. However, event hosts usually want to make these email communications personalized. This is also an efficient way to inform the invitees how many people are invited in their group and who those people are.

'List all guests in group' Merge Tag

Merge tags are added directly to the email message that you are looking to send. This is done via Email > New Email. Once there, you will need to click into the email preview to open the '+' icon that includes additional options. From the menu that pops up, you need to select to add a merge tag, and then select the 'List All Guests in Group' option:

Adding Merge Tag for all guests

Once the email message with this merge tag has been delivered, it will display the names of all invitees that are included in the group.

Personalized email
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