Step 1: Create your email via Email > New Email > Compose Email

To send your guests their seating assignment, you will need to create an email to inform them. You can create the email in the RSVPify email builder, which you can access via Email > New Email > Compose Email. Once you enter this builder, you have the ability to customize an email that you can send to some or all of your invitees.

Step 2: Insert a merge tag to notify your guests about their seating assignment

Once you have entered the menu for email composition, you will be able to edit the content according to your preferences. Once you click to edit the email block, a "+" icon will appear on the left-hand side. Click this icon and choose to use merge tags. The last on the list of merge tags is the 'Seating assignment'. Click on it and insert it into your email.

How to Use Seating Assignment Merge Tag

After sending the email, all the invitees who receive it will see their seating assignment, and it will be displayed as it is in the example below.

Email Displaying Seating Assignment


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