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Collect your guests' meal preferences by using Meal Preferences block.

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If you are hosting a catered event, questions about meal preferences, food allergies and specific dietary needs are the topics that you'll probably want to cover in the front end so you could avoid any unwanted situations. With RSVPify, you can collect this much-needed information in no time.

There are a few types of blocks that hosts can add to their form and one of them is the meal preferences block. The best thing about it? It's extremely easy to set up and use.

Here's a quick screencast of adding the block to your form and populating it with different options:

You can keep track of your guests' wishes via Reporting > Meal Preferences and all of the registration data can be exported from there.

Questions about dietary restrictions, food allergies and any other specific dietary needs can be asked via Form Builder > Custom Question.

How do I ask all of the guests from a group to select their Meal Preference?

The Meal Preferences block will by default always require that a selection be made for each person listed in the main block. You don't need to make any additional settings, as this block will ask each individual's meal preference regardless of the number of people in the group. You can see in the image below what the meal preferences block looks like when the submission is being made for two people at the same time.

Meal preferences for two people

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