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How to secure your Zoom event to those who registered or purchased tickets
How to secure your Zoom event to those who registered or purchased tickets

How to add additional security to your event hosted on Zoom

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If you are hosting a Zoom event, you can easily share your Zoom joining details in the confirmation email after a registration or ticket purchase is made. For many events this is perfect, but in some cases, you may want to add additional security to ensure only those who properly registered have access to the event.

Before we jump in, it is important to note that Zoom offers 2 different types of 'events', which will offer some different options. You can find a detailed comparison of meetings versus webinars here.

  • Meetings - Ideal for small groups with lots of interaction

  • Webinars - Ideal for large events or broadcasts, where attendees do not typically interact with one another. Webinars are a paid add-on available to pro or higher subscriptions.

It is also important to know that if an unregistered guest receives the link to the Zoom meeting, they will be given the opportunity to register via Zoom's registration. For the highest security, you may want to set your registration to manual approval. You can also always cancel an approved attendee registration (this will notify the user by email that their registration has been canceled

Import Registrants By CSV

*available for webinars only

Collect your registrations or sell tickets to your Zoom event on RSVPify. For this option, we would not recommend including a Zoom link in the RSVPify experience, as approved attendees will receive an email from Zoom once imported.

Once registration closes, you can export your attendee list, and make a few simple format changes to prepare the file for importing to your webinar.

With Webinar registration, registrants can be imported by CSV upload and automatically approved. Once they have successfully been imported, a confirmation email will be sent to the registrants.

Adding registrants from RSVPify using Zapier

We'll walk through how to require registration for your Zoom meeting, and how to automatically add registrants from RSVPify to Zoom.

If you aren't already familiar with Zapier, you may want to check out this guide first!

Step 1: Create Your Event on RSVPify

Before proceeding to step 3, you will want to publish your event and submit 1 registration (to text your zap).

Step 2: Create Your Meeting or Webinar on Zoom

In your Zoom settings, be sure to require registration:

Step 3: Create Your Zap

Optional: You can choose to automatically send a Zoom confirmation along with your RSVPify confirmation email, or simply include the same details in the RSVPify confirmation email (so they don't receive multiple emails!).

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