Even if you didn't use RSVPify to manage RSVPs or event registrations, you can still use the full functionality of RSVPify's check-in system by importing an existing list. See our brief how-to video below followed by a step-by-step written instructions.

Step 1: Publish your event

Publishing your event will let you use the full suite of check-in features with an existing list. Don't worry about any customizations or settings. To publish, go to the Publish & Invite section and select Registration/RSVP open option from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Import your attendee list

Import your existing list of confirmed attendees from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. Use RSVPify's import template for the best experience.

Tips: Only include the columns that are in the template. Do not re-order them and do not edit the column headers. Use the Group ID column if you want to allow multiple people to be able to RSVP as a part of the same group.

Step 3: Mark all invitees you've imported as attending

You can choose to send RSVPify's default confirmation email at the time you mark invitees as attending or build and send a fully custom email to confirmed guests, including the QR code for event check-in.

We recommend creating and sending your own customized email to event attendees for full control over your guest's experience.

Step 4: On the day of your event, check in your guests

RSVPify's event check-in software is available for desktop, iOS devices and Android devices. You can check-in guests by scanning their QR code or searching by guest name, confirmation code or email address.

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