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How do I use RSVPify’s event check-in suite with an existing attendee list?
How do I use RSVPify’s event check-in suite with an existing attendee list?

I already have a list of confirmed guests. Can I use RSVPify's event check-in feature with that list?

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Even if you didn't use RSVPify to manage RSVPs or event registrations, you can still use the full functionality of RSVPify's check-in system by importing an existing list. See our brief how-to video below followed by a step-by-step written instructions.

Step 1: Publish your event

Publishing your event will let you use the full suite of check-in features with an existing list. Don't worry about any customizations or settings. To publish, go to the Publish & Invite section and select the Registration/RSVP open option from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Import your attendee list

Import your existing list of confirmed attendees from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. Use RSVPify's import template for the best experience.

Tips for creating your list for check-in only:

  • Only include the columns that are in the template.

  • Use the Group ID column if you want guests to be grouped together when checking them in. All members of a group will be attached to 1 QR code.

  • Do not use the 'additional guests allowed' column, this is specifically for allowing guests to register for additional guests. If guests will be checking in with guests that you don't have a name or email for, you can use a place holder (ie Additional Guest) in place of their name, and use the GROUP ID to group the added guest with the main invitee.

Step 3: Mark all invitees you've imported as attending

You can choose to send RSVPify's default confirmation email at the time you mark invitees as attending or build and send a fully custom email to confirmed guests, including the QR code for event check-in.

We recommend creating and sending your own customized email to event attendees for full control over your guest's experience.

Step 4: On the day of your event, check in your guests

RSVPify's event check-in software is available for desktops, iOS devices and Android devices. You can check in guests by scanning their QR code or searching by guest name, confirmation code or email address.

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