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Importing Your Classy Event Data into RSVPify
Importing Your Classy Event Data into RSVPify

Learn how to import your Classy Events & associated data into RSVPify

Updated over a week ago

Note that this article is only applicable once you've completed the RSVPify < - > Classy integration. See HERE to learn how to connect your two accounts.

Step 1: Navigate to the Events Dashboard in your RSVPify Account (click on the RSVPify logo in the upper left corner from anywhere within your account) and click on the plus icon.

Choose the CLASSY option:

Step 2: Pick from your list which event you'd like to import and click 'Create'. Be patient while RSVPify submits & processes the API requests via Classy's API.

Once the sync has successfully completed, you will automatically be brought to the event's dashboard where you will see all of your attendee data. Be sure to check that all of your attendees were successfully sent from Classy's API.

RSVPify will automatically update your guests' status to 'attending' so that you can utilize key features such as the Event Check-in Suite and Seating Chart Maker.

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