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What is Zapier, and how can it help me integrate RSVPify with other apps?
What is Zapier, and how can it help me integrate RSVPify with other apps?

Seamlessly integrate RSVPify with other apps to automate tasks. Connect to Salesforce, MailChimp, HubSpot, Google Sheets and thousands more.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that allows you to automate tasks between two or more apps—without any code necessary. When an event happens in one app, Zapier can tell another app to perform (or do) a particular action. Alternatively, when something happens in another app, an action can be automatically performed in RSVPify.

What are some examples of tasks I can automate?

  • When a guest registers for your event on RSVPify, add a contact in Salesforce

  • When a guest checks in at your event, add them to a spreadsheet on Google Sheets

  • When a guest checks out, send them an SMS message with a link to a post-event survey

  • Send my team an email or SMS when a guest tagged as a 'VIP' checks in at my event

  • When a contact is added in MailChimp, add them to my event's Invite List

  • Add a new appointment scheduled in RSVPify to my Google Calendar

  • When a new attendee registers for my event, add them as a contact on HubSpot

What triggers are available?

Simply, a trigger is something that happens in RSVPify that can allow an automated action to be performed in another app. Available triggers include:

  • New Event Registration Received

  • Guest Checked-in

  • Guest Checked-out

  • Tag Added to Guest

  • Tag Removed from Guest

  • Tag Added to Invitee

  • Tag Removed from Invitee

  • New Invitee Added to Invite List

What actions are available?

When something happens in another app, you can automatically have an action take place in your event on RSVPify, automating repetitive tasks like adding a guest to your list of attendees.

  • Add Attendee to Your Event's Confirmed Guest List

  • Add a Note to an Invitee Group

  • Add Note to an Existing Registration

  • Mark Guest Checked In

  • Mark Guest Checked Out

  • Mark Invitee Attending

  • Mark Invitee Not Attending

  • Add/Remove Tag on Guest

  • Add/Remove Tag on Invitee

What searches are available?

In Zapier, a Search allows you to find a confirmed guest who is attending your event or an invitee (or invitee group) who you've added to your Invite List. After finding a guest or invitee, you can then perform an action on that specific invitee or guest such as adding a note to their record or marking a specific invitee or group as attending.

  • Find Guest

  • Find Invitee

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