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Hosting an Online Event with Zoom and RSVPify
Hosting an Online Event with Zoom and RSVPify
Hosting a virtual event with Zoom (or your favorite virtual event tool)
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This guide walks through everything you need to know about using RSVPify + Zoom for your virtual event! Of course, you can replace Zoom with your favorite meeting tool. 

Step 1: Create your event on RSVPify
Create your event and set the location as 'Undecided'.

Event location set as undecided when hosting an online event with RSVPify.

Step 2: Create your event on Zoom
Head over to Zoom, sign up, and 'Schedule a Meeting'.

Scheduling a Zoom meeting for an online event with RSVPify.

Step 3: Copy the URL
Once you have created the meeting with all your preferences, Zoom will give you a 'Join URL'. Copy the link since you'll need it later. 

Copy the Zoom link for an online event.

Step 4: Remove the Event Location block from your Event Wall
Make sure to remove the location block from your Event Wall, as to not rise confusion since your event is happening online.

Removing the map block from the event wall for online events.

Step 5: Enable Calendar Invitations and paste the Zoom 'Join URL' in the location field of the calendar invitation.
In the Form Builder, go to the settings of your RSVP/ticketing block and select the RSVP option/ticket tier you want to have this setting enabled. Toggle the 'Include Calendar Invitation' on and paste the Zoom Link in the location field.

How to enable calendar invitations and paste Zoom link in the location field.

Step 5: To customize confirmation emails, go to Setup > Event Settings > Emails & Notifications
Confirmation emails are a great place for providing your guests with any important details, such as links for your online event.

Customizing the confirmation email to include a link to the virtual event.

Paste the URL of your Zoom meeting to the body of your email along with other instructions and tips that will be helpful for your attendees:

Confirmation email sample.

Step 6:  Test It Out
Don't forget to run through your registration to ensure everything works the way you want it to. 

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