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How do I cancel my event?
How do I cancel my event?

Event canceled? Close your registration form and let attendees know. Here's how.

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Here's what you need to do if your event gets canceled:

Step 1: Select 'Cancel event' option in the actions menu of your event's header navigation

Cancel event

Step 2: Start the cancelation process

Cancelation flow

Step 3: Customize the message that you'd like guests to see if they visit your event website

Once you're happy with the message, select 'Continue'.

Tip: Use this as an opportunity to share any important information with folks who were planning or hoping to attend the event such as the reason for the cancelation, plans to re-schedule if relevant, refund policy, etc.

Customizing event canceled message.

Step 4: Notify confirmed guests by email (optional)

If you have guests who have RSVPed or registered for your event, you can choose to notify them of the cancelation or change of plans by email.

Event canceled email

At the bottom of the screen locate 'Send Email' button. Your event will be canceled once you send the cancelation notification.

Note: If you do not want to send an email notification, you can skip this part and finalize the cancelation process:

Finalize cancelation without sending emails

Once you complete these steps, you will see a cancelation confirmation screen:

Your event's link will remain publicly available, but your registration/RSVP will be closed. Auto-reminders and any emails you have scheduled will be canceled and will not send.

If you sold tickets for a canceled event through RSVPify, you can choose to refund attendees. Here's how to process refunds.

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