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In my email delivery report, what is a deferred email?
In my email delivery report, what is a deferred email?

Deferred emails haven't 'bounced', but we haven't received proactive notification of successful delivery.

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What does the 'Deferred' status in my email delivery report mean?

A deferred email means that the receiving server has successfully received an email, but has elected to postpone its delivery to a recipient's inbox. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • The recipient's inbox is full

  • The receiving email server is experiencing high volumes or temporary issues

  • The receiving server has received many of the same email at one time, and is temporarily postponing delivery of the email to inboxes until automated systems or manual review can confirm the email is not SPAM

  • The receiving server has not proactively notified RSVPify's email delivery partner, SendGrid, that it has successfully delivered the message

Deferred email policy is prescribed by the IT policies of the receiving organization, and unfortunately most receiving email servers offer little additional detail about why a given email may have been deferred.

RSVPify will continue to attempt to deliver any deferred emails and periodically check for any status updates from the receiving email servers.

In many cases, an email may have actually been successfully delivered to inboxes, but the receiving server has not proactively notified RSVPify of the eventual delivery. If any invitees showing a deferred status in your email report have successfully registered for your event, it's likely that the email has been delivered, but the server did not proactively provide a status update to RSVPify.

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