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My email invitation wasn't received by some guests or went to SPAM. What can I do?
My email invitation wasn't received by some guests or went to SPAM. What can I do?

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RSVPify is integrated with a 3rd-party enterprise email tool called MailGun. All emails sent by RSVPify, including email invitations and guest mail blasts, are routed through MailGun.

MailGun is built to ensure maximum deliverability of email messages and to keep emails out of SPAM folders. Despite these efforts, however, sometimes an email may not reach its intended recipient or may land in a SPAM folder.

In such cases, there are a few troubleshooting protocols that we recommend:

Check your email campaigns reporting

Your email may have bounced or suppressed. See how to view email reports/status here.

Troubleshoot with the guest

Depending on the situation, it may be helpful to work with your guest to troubleshoot a few things. This might include:

  • Confirming that the address you are sending to is the inbox the guest is checking

  • Double checking the email for any typos or errors

  • Ask the intended recipient to search their inbox for your subject line to ensure they aren't missing the email.

Check with IT

If your IT organization or the IT organization managing guests' email servers is using certain SPAM filtering technologies and/or protocols, they may be inadvertently filtering or withholding delivery of email invitations from RSVPify and other external email senders. Reach out to your IT team to inform them of the issue and inquire about next steps. Ask if they can 'release' emails sent by RSVPify. They may also be able to add RSVPify to an "allowlist" to prevent future issues.

Ask recipients to add RSVPify to their contacts or safe senders lists

Adding RSVPify to contacts or safe senders lists can help ensure that invitations are recognized as legitimate and are less likely to be marked as spam.

Ask recipients or potential recipients to add RSVPify to their contacts.

For instructions on adding safe senders in Outlook, check out this guide.

Use email best practices

It is possible that emails could be blocked or hitting spam filters based on content. Review your email and our best practices guide to see where your content could be improved to increase deliverability.

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