Can I send emails as if they came from [email protected]?

With RSVPify for Enterprise, you can send emails through the RSVPify platform from any email address associated with your organization.

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With an optional add-on, RSVPify Enterprise customers can change default 'From' email address ([email protected]) to an email address of your choice ([email protected]).


  • Be an Enterprise customer

  • Purchase the email whitelabeling add-on

  • Ask your IT team to configure your organization's domain to allow RSVPify to send emails on its behalf

How It Works

RSVPify will assign a technology team member to work with your organization's internal IT team to add the requisite domain-level configurations that are required for us to successfully 'digitally sign' and deliver emails directly on your behalf.

RSVPify will provide up to 6 CNAME entries, including the host and value. Your IT team will need to add these CNAME records to the DNS entries of the domain name you want to white label/allow to send email from RSVPify as 'digitally signed'. This is typically a ~2-minute task, and RSVPify will verify proper configuration once added by your IT team.

The exact CNAME records will be provided by our engineering team once the agreement has been executed and we've begun initial configuration steps on our end.

To ensure maximum deliverability, we will further recommend 'whitelisting' the IP addresses of RSVPify's email delivery servers within any existing and applicable SPF, DKIM and/or DMARC records your IT team may have configured on your domain. We'll provide these IP addresses to your IT team along with the relevant CNAME entries.

Next Steps

Please contact us if your organization would like to allow RSVPify to send emails on its behalf. Approval and assistance by your global IT team will be required. Additional fees apply.

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