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Sharing an "Invite-Only" VS "Public" event
Sharing an "Invite-Only" VS "Public" event

Different ways you can share your event based on whether or not you're using an invite list

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If you're still in doubt about how you'll share your event, whether you'll leave it public or use an invite list, this article should help you come closer to your decision on how to proceed with making your event "go live."

Make sure your event is published!

The first step to sharing your event and starting to receive registrations is to publish your event in order to enable your invitees access to the registration form. You can see a step-by-step guide on how to publish in this article: How do I publish my event?

Sharing an "Invite-only" Event

If you decide to use an invite list, this will automatically make your event "invite-only," so that no one besides the people on your invite list can register for the event. If you choose this option, there are several ways to share the event.

Send Email Invitations

Before committing to this sharing option, make sure that all your invitees on the invite list have email addresses assigned to them. Once you do that, you can rely on this article to create a personalized and fully branded email invitation for your invitees: Email Builder Overview


  • Make sure that all invitees have unique email addresses since the system will only send out one email per each unique email address

  • The system requires at least one email per group to be added

Besides the email invitations, invite-only events can be shared with the event QR code or the URL (more about these options is explained below).

Sharing a "Public" Event

If you decide to leave your event status as a "Public" event, this will make your event form accessible to anyone with your event URL.

Share Event URL

You can share your event URL in any way you want by following this detailed article: Where do I find my event URL?

Share Event QR Code

Upgraded users can download QR codes for their paper invitations or online sharing via the Publish & Invite section of the platform. This guide has step-by-step instructions on how to do that: How to download a QR Code for your event. You can also check out our tips for using QR Codes on paper invites, which you can find here.

What if my event is "Public" with an invite list?

In case you imported the invite list and decided to let other people who are not on that invite list register as well, you can still use all the options from above to share your event.


  • The invite list will still activate the "Find My Invitation" block in your event form, regardless of the event status so you'll want to adapt the wording of that block to all invitees whether they're part of the invite list or coming from the event URL. You can do this by going to Setup> Event Settings> Languages & Translations> Customize.

Note: "Additional guests" restriction from the invite list will no longer be applied to the invitees, and they'll be able to bring as many +guests as they wish.

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