The "Find my invitation" block will be visible if you have added any invitees to your invite list.

The purpose of this block is to let the event registration system know who is replying, and track who has replied from your entire event invite list.

As a note, if you are sending email invitations, the block to find an invitation can be automatically skipped, as the system already knows who is registering for an event when they click from your email.

This means that, if you include the 'Attending/Not Attending' button in the body of your email invitations and an invitee clicks on that button, they will immediately be taken to the primary/registration block of your event without being asked to find the invitation.

The lookup block will be skipped automatically if you are sending email invitations.

Removing the 'Find my invitation' block

You can choose to delete your invite list, and the block will no longer show...

Editing the 'Find my invitation' block

You can also change the verbiage 'find my invitation' to something different - some examples would be:

  • RSVP

  • Start Your Registration

  • Next

To do this, go to setup > event settings > languages & translations. Then click on the button for customizations.

Click on the 'Customize' button to start language customizations.

Then locate the 'find my invitation' field to edit the verbiage:

Changing the information required to find the invitation

You can change by which information your guests can find the invitation from Invite List > Settings. Under Invitee Lookup By section you have the ability to choose between three options:

  1. Invitee Name and Email - invitees will have to enter their name and email address to be able to locate themselves on your invite list.

  2. Invitee Name Only - invitees will have to enter their names as listed on your invite list to be able to locate themselves.

  3. Invitee Email Only - this option requires you to know the email addresses of all invitees and they will be able to locate themselves and register for the event if they enter the address as listed on your invite list.

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