Sending Save the Dates via RSVPify

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Step 1: Create / Import your Guest List

Import a guest list from an excel spreadsheet (using our template to avoid issues!). 

Tips: Only include the columns that are in the template, do not re-order them, and do not edit the column headers. If you do not need to include some of the information (e.g. Titles), simply leave the cells in column A blank. The Party ID column is how you will group your guests into Parties (you can learn more about the Party ID column here). 

Step 2: Design your Invitation (e.g. Save the Date!)

If you haven't already, the next step is to to design your invitation (via the 'Invites' section of the application). Don't let the word 'Invitation' throw you off here as this is just where mass digital communications are created and sent! 


  1. Be sure to customize the email subject line and the from Name. Note that we recommend leaving the 'From Email' to to ensure maximum deliverability.
  2. Be sure to remove your RSVP button before sending! (see below)
  3. You should also manually close your RSVP form (just to be safe) so that your guests don't begin responding before you've finished finalizing your form. 

How to Delete The RSVP Button:

  1. Click the RSVP Button within the email builder
  2. Click on trash can icon

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