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How can I collect feedback for my event, send a post-event survey?
How can I collect feedback for my event, send a post-event survey?

Collect feedback from your guests

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Your event is over, and you want to collect feedback from your guests who attended. You can easily do this with RSVPify! Here are the steps on how to create your post-event feedback form:

Create a new event

While it is not possible to collect feedback in your original event that has already passed, you can create a completely new event and build your feedback form using the "Custom Questions" feature to ask questions, collect images from the event, etc.

What about the RSVP block?

Since RSVPify is a platform intended exclusively for collecting registrations for your event, you can always repurpose the RSVP block by changing the wording in it and adapting it to a "feedback" type of form:

RSVP form

Make sure to disable the "Maybe attending" and "Not attending" options and set the "Maximum selectable" and "Minimum required" options to 1 in order to remove the "+,-" icons in the RSVP block selection:

RSVP, registration selections, attending

RSVP block limit

This is what your feedback form will look like:

RSVP form, feedback form

Tip: You can disable your event website and have your feedback form displayed on a single page.

Edit the automatic confirmation emails

Before publishing and sharing your feedback form, make sure to change the content of the automated confirmation emails from being event-specific to feedback-specific by removing the QR code, and confirmation code, and editing your email subject line/content.

You can do so in Setup> Event Settings> Email Confirmations and Reminders.

Send the feedback form to guests

Once you've created your feedback form, you will need to send it to the guests who attended your event. You can do this by simply sending out the URL of the "Feedback" event to all attendees in your original event using our integrated email builder tool.

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