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How to create a registration approval flow
How to create a registration approval flow

Workaround to approve registrations for the event. Approve or deny guest registrations before sending a confirmation?

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At this time, RSVPify doesn’t offer a feature to approve guest registrations before their submission is confirmed for guests. However, there are still ways you can create an approval flow for your event. This guide walks through our recommended setup for this use case.

1. Customize confirmation email

Customizing the confirmation email guests receive after the registration is submitted is the easiest way to clarify that the registration has been received by the host, but also point out that the registration needs to go through the approval process. Here is an example of such a message:

2. Tag guests

Create a tag (i.e. ‘Approved’) and assign the tag to all guests whose registration was approved after a review. To create tags navigate to Setup> Event Settings> Manage Tags.

In some cases, if a guest is denied from attending, hosts may choose to manually edit their registration response to 'not attending'. This will ensure that the guest 1. doesn't count towards your event headcount, and 2. the guest doesn't receive any follow ups such as auto-reminders for the event. If you are not changing guest responses, be sure to disable automatic reminders to prevent any confusion.

3. Create a 'registration approved' email campaign

In the email builder tool, create a new email and customize the message letting your guests know that their registration has been approved. When sending out the email, make sure to filter your guests via a tag in the recipients section if disapproved registrations were not deleted from the registration data.

If you'd like to send emails in multiple waves (vs all at once), you may want to create unique tags for each wave of approved registrations.

You can repeat the same steps to email guests who have been declined, if you'd like.

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