How do I tag my invitees?
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Tagging is a super useful feature brought to you by RSVPify. The best thing about it? It is very powerful and allows you to better differentiate your guests and their needs but at the same time, it is very simple to use. Here's how:

1. Importing Invitees with Tags:

Step 1: Add tags to your spreadsheet
Add a tags column as the last column in your Excel spreadsheet and populate it with tags for your invitees. Once you are done, your spreadsheet should look like this:

Step 2: Import the spreadsheet
Once the import is done, you can see the tags in the expanded view by clicking on an invitee:

Step 3: If needed, you can add more tags by clicking on 'Add tag' and then selecting the existing or typing a new tag:

Step 4: If you need to tag more than one invitee you can bulk tag them by ticking the box next to their names, clicking on the 'Actions' button, and then selecting 'Tag'. You'll be able to select an existing tag or add a new one.

2. Manually adding invitees with Tags

When entering the details of your invitee, don't forget to include the tag. Once you click on 'Save' the invitee details (including the tag) will be saved.

3. Tagging registered guests from the Dashboard

Tags can be added to the RSVPs via Dashboard > Overview, manually or in bulk.

To manually tag the attendee, click on the existing submission and then 'Add tag'. Select the tag(s) you want to add and then Save.

Tagging in bulk is done by ticking the box next to the attendees' names, clicking on the 'Actions' button, selecting Tag and then adding the desired tag:

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