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How Do I Create an Event Form?
How Do I Create an Event Form?

Create your form questions and edit the form content to fully personalize your event registration experience

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Once you create your event, the template that you select will already have a form set up for you as a starting point from which you can start working on your own registration experience. All the blocks can be edited, removed, and moved around your form.

To locate your event form and start working on it, head to Setup> Form Builder.

Adding New blocks

You can add new blocks to your event form by dragging and dropping the block you want to use from the left "Form questions" sidebar menu to the desired place in your form:

form questions, custom questions

Removing Blocks and Changing Their Position

You can remove blocks by clicking on the gear tool icon at the top left-hand corner of the block and choosing the "Remove" option:

form questions, custom questions - RSVPify

And to move blocks around, just click on the block and drag it to the desired place in your event form. Note: Form blocks cannot be placed above the primary RSVP/ticketing block. Here's how:

Move form blocks - RSVPify

Editing Block Content

If you want to change the title of your block or add a description, you can do so by clicking on the gear tool icon in the corner of the block you want to edit and choosing the "Settings" option. All content can be added, removed, or edited:

Edit form, description in RSVP block - RSVPify

Adding, Removing, and Editing Block Selections

Add a new selection to your form block by clicking on the "Add selection" option:

Add selection - RSVPify

Remove an existing selection by clicking on the trash can icon next to the selection:

delete/ remove RSVP and block selection - RSVPify

Edit a selection in your form block by clicking on the gear tool icon next to it:

Edit RSVP selection - RSVPify

Edit Fonts, Colors, and Layout

You can fully customize your event form to your liking by going to the "Update Form Theme" section. See more about form customization possibilities here.

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