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How do I add guests to the Invite List manually?
How do I add guests to the Invite List manually?

Add invited guests or make updates to your invitees

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In addition to the possibility to add invitees by importing them from a spreadsheet, changes, or new invitee additions can be done manually without having to go through the import process.

How to start your invite list from scratch.

In your event's left navigation menu go to Invite List > Invitees. If your invite list is empty two options will be displayed: 'Import List' and 'Manual Addition'.

How to add more invitees to your invite list manually?

If you have previously added invitees to your event and would like to add more, locate the 'ADD GUEST' icon in the top right-hand corner.

Invitee Fields:

Here's a quick overview of the fields you can add for each invited guest.

Select one of the options: Individual, Couple, or Group.

  • Titles: Optional.

  • Email: Optional.

  • Additional Guests Allowed: If your event is set to 'Public', this section will be greyed out. For private events, you can choose how many +guests (i.e. unnamed guests) your invitee can bring.

  • Tags: use tags to categorize your invitees, invite them to secondary events or ask questions to specific guests. Learn more about tags here.

  • Add Invitee to Group: Adding additional invitees to your group to RSVP together will automatically switch the section to 'Couple' or 'Group'.

Invitees are grouped together only if they are expected to register/ RSVP for your event at the same time (i.e. couple or family). If invitees are listed as a group, once they search for their invitation to RSVP for the event, all members of that group will be displayed. More on groups here.

How to edit an invitee manually?

To edit an existing guest, click on the specific invitee in your invite list to re-open the guest details modal.

Edit invitee details from your invite list - RSVPify

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