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In the import process, what is a 'Group ID' and why do I need it?
In the import process, what is a 'Group ID' and why do I need it?

The Group ID tells the system which of your guests should RSVP as part of the same group

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Put simply, a 'GROUP ID' allows you to quickly and easily group guests together into a single group, so that one guest can RSVP on behalf of themselves and the other members of that group/household.

(Individual, ungrouped guest? Leave this column blank.)

Let's say you are inviting a family of 4 to your wedding: Carlos Solis, Gabrielle Solis, Juanita Solis and Celia Solis. During the RSVP process, these guests should be asked to RSVP together -- rather than each guest having to RSVP individually, right?

Assigning invitees a GROUP ID Number lets RSVPify know which individuals should be grouped together.

Carlos Solis: Group ID # = 1

Gabrielle Solis: Group ID # = 1

Juanita Solis: Group # = 1

Celia Solis: Group ID # = 1

Note the red text in the GROUP ID Column for the Solis Group:

In our example, we've assigned all 4 members of the Solis family the same group number (1), ensuring that the system will group these 4 guests together.

What if all my invitees are individuals? Do I need to fill-in the Group ID column?

Simply leave the GROUP ID column blank if invitees are individuals. If no GROUP ID is added, invitees will automatically remain ungrouped with any other invitees (in their own group of 1).

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