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How to send invites to an invite-only secondary event?
How to send invites to an invite-only secondary event?

Sending email invitations for secondary events.

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With RSVPify you can create and manage invite-only secondary events. Before proceeding further, we recommend you check out this article first:
โ€‹How to set up an invite-only Secondary Event

NOTE: While the invitation refers only to the secondary event you created, the guests who receive the invitation will also be asked to respond to the primary event and any other events they are invited to in the registration process. If you want a separate RSVP, you would need to create a separate event for your sub-event.

Step 1: Navigate to the Email section of the platform

In your event's left navigation menu locate Email Communications and from there select New Email. Customize the body of your email with secondary event-specific details.

Customizing the body of the email with secondary event-specific information.

For a more detailed guide on email customizations, click here.

Step 2: Select the recipients of your email

To send invitations for invite-only secondary events, you need to create a custom audience. Select the 'Custom Audience' radio button and then filter the invitees by tag. Select the tag that is connected to your invite-only secondary event.

Creating custom audience when sending invitations to secondary events

Step 3: Send or schedule the email

Need more help? Get support from our Community Forum.
โ€‹Find answers and get help from the RSVPify Support team and our community.

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