If you are using our event guest check-in system you will probably want to distribute QR codes to your guests prior to the day of your event. You can reach out to your accepted guests and send them their QR codes via confirmation emails or email campaigns. Here are the steps to do so:

What are the confirmation number & QR codes?

  • Confirmation QR Code: The visual barcode that can be used to 'scan' guests in upon their arrival.

  • Confirmation Code: a unique code for each registered guest or group

To include a QR code and confirmation code in email campaigns

  1. Within your event, navigate to Emails > New Email

  2. In the email builder, use the merge tags drop-down to add in the confirmation code and/or click on the QR code icon to add the QR code

  3. Under the 'Select Recipients' model, select those who replied as Attending to your event.

  4. Send the email

We recommend testing everything out before sending any email campaigns. You can find the instructions to send yourself a preview email HERE.

Please note that QR codes included in the preview emails are not associated with any guests and will show a "This QR code is not associated with a confirmed guest or is invalid" message upon scanning.

To include a QR code and confirmation code in email confirmations

Step 1: Go to Event Settings > Email Confirmations & Reminders

In your left event navigation menu, locate Setup and from there select Event Settings. Then, select Email Confirmations & Reminders.

Step 2: Toggle confirmation and QR code settings on

If not enabled by default, toggle these settings on and save the changes you made. After doing this, the QR code and confirmation code will be included in the emails your guests receive after completing event registration.

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