When selling tickets or collecting payments for your event, you can add-on pricing for various sub-events that you're hosting or add-on items that you're selling. For example...

Add-on Examples

  • Meal Package

  • T-Shirt

  • Hotel Room

  • Babysitting Package

Secondary (sub) Events Examples

  • Raffle

  • VIP Dinner

  • Breakout Session

  • Wine Tasting

Setting up Add-On Items

Step 1: Navigate to Setup > Form Block

Step 2: Select 'Add Tier, Package or Add-on' in the settings drawer of your ticketing block

Step 3: Add the title and description for your add-on

Step 4: Under the Item Type section select Add-on product

Step 5: If you are collecting payments for the add-on(s) toggle that option on and set the price.

Step 6: Additionally, you can set the capacity limits for your add-on items, set the minimum or the maximum number of required or selectable items.

Step 7: Save

Adding a paid add-on product to the ticketing block in the form builder.

In addition to this, custom questions can be used to set up add-ons as well:

Step 1: Locate Custom Question block and drag and drop it to the form

Step 2: Select the preferred custom question type (event hosts typically select Quantity custom question type to manage add-ons)

Step 3: Configure the settings of your custom question type and add available add-on items/options

Step 4: Save

Adding paid products to custom questions.

Click HERE for more details on setting custom questions up.

Setting Up a Paid Secondary Event

To set up secondary event(s) head to Setup > Form Builder. From there:

Step 1: Locate the secondary event block and drag and drop it to the form

Step 2: Configure the settings of the secondary event block.

Step 3: Under the settings for the 'Attending' option enable payments and set the price.

Step 4: Configure additional settings, such as limited availability and/or calendar invitations.
Step 5: Save

Adding paid products to secondary events.

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