If sending physical paper invitations and including your RSVPify event URL, please be sure NOT to include a 'www.' ahead of the URL.

What will happen if I include a 'www.' in my URL?

On modern web browsers, most guests will see an error page. It looks a bit scary, and while guests can still technically proceed, most will bail. (And probably call you to complain!)

Why does including a 'www.' cause an error?

We'll try to not to get too technical on you, but in short, your event's URL is a subdomain. Subdomains are used frequently across the web. A subdomain is anything.domain.com.

Including a 'www.' (i.e. www.subdomain.domain.com) means a URL would have TWO subdomains. In most cases, security certificates (the stuff that validate a website's security and signal to your web browser that it's safe to interact with and provide data to a website) cannot be applied to URLs that have two subdomains.

OK. So tell me what I can do if I've accidentally included 'www.' on my event's invitations...?

  1. If you have the email addresses of your invitees, use RSVPify's email suite to send invitees a quick note advising them on the proper RSVPify URL to reach your event (https://yourevent.rsvpify.com).

  2. Upon request, RSVPify engineers can apply some tricks to redirect guests typing in a 'www.' ahead of your URL to your correct RSVPify URL.

    Because a redirect like this requires engineering time, a non-refundable $50 fee will be assessed to any redirect requests.

    To request a redirect, please chat with us.

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