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How to send an email to selected guests?

Send emails to individual recipients or to a custom audience of your choice

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RSVPify allows for sending email campaigns to only selected guests. While there are some pre-made categories already included (such as those who are attending, those not attending etc.) you can also create your own, custom audience.

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Step 1: Compose Email

In your event left navigation menu locate Email Communications and from there select New Email. From here you'll be able to create your email campaign.

Step 2: Select Recipients

There are 2 options you can use to create your custom email audience:

  • Custom Audience

  • Select Individual Recipients

Custom Audience:

Creating a custom audience allows you to use filters to create your custom audience. Selecting filters will automatically generate an audience, based on the parameters you've selected.

Select Individual Recipients:

This audience option allows you to individually select those you wish to receive the email.

To send email to individual recipients, you would need to select this radio button and then tick the boxes next to the names of people you wish to receive the email.

Like the custom audience option -- You can apply filters to help locate guests, but with this option you will select the individual emails you'd like included.

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