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How can I add an image to the background of my registration form?
How can I add an image to the background of my registration form?

Upload a photo to the background of your form.

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Step 1: Navigate to 'Form Builder'
Under your event's left navigation menu, locate and select Form Builder from the menu.

Step 2: Go to 'Form Theme
Click on the Update Form Theme at the top of the Form Builder.

Step 3: Upload your background or change the background color
If you want to add an image to the background of your form you need to select 'Add a Background Image', and locate the image on your computer.

If you want to change the color of your background instead of adding an image to it, you can do so as well. All you need to do is select 'color' from the drop menu and use the color selection menu to choose a color according to your preferences.

Step 4: Save Changes
Click save to apply your changes. While you will see the background in the preview panel while editing 'form theme', the background image will not appear on the form builder page. 

Click 'view event' to see the changes live!

NOTE: The picture needs to be a .jpeg or .png file, under 2 MB in size for the successful upload. We recommend the following dimensions for the optimal experience:

1290 px width

1830 px height

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