When you send emails through RSVPify, guests will always have the option to unsubscribe from future communications by clicking the unsubscribe option in the email footer.

Upon clicking this, the email will be unsubscribed automatically from all future emails sent from that specific event. They will be taken a page that also gives the option to unsubscribe from ALL emails from the sender.

The person will not receive further emails about the specific event they have unsubscribed from. The event host will still be able to send emails to unsubscribed guests but the emails won't reach them.

Event hosts will be able to see the number of people who unsubscribed from receiving emails by going to Email > Sent > View Report.

What does it mean to unsubscribe from ALL emails from this sender?

To unsubscribe from all emails from the sender means the guest will not be receiving any emails sent by you, doesn't matter if it's related to the upcoming event or one of your future events.

Can l resubscribe to receiving emails?

Certainly! Once you have unsubscribed from receiving emails, you can go back to that specific email and click on the unsubscribe. You will be taken to a screen and by clicking on the RE-SUBSCRIBE button you will be able to receive the emails again.

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