The RSVPify event page is very customizable and while you can personalize the design and upload any images those images must be in an image file format (.png or .jpeg). Sometimes our hosts want to provide their guests with the ability to download a PDF file (e.g. a waiver for them to sign) but our system does not support PDF uploads. That said, here is a helpful workaround for how to enable your guests to download your PDF document: 

Upload your PDF Document to any Free Cloud Storage Provider and copy the Link to that file

  1. You will first want to upload your document to a free file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.  
  2. Be sure to set your sharing permissions as appropriate. You will want to make sure that anyone who has the link will be able to view your document. 
  3. Copy that file's link. You will need this as you're going to add it to your RSVP form (or invitation, confirmation email, etc.)

Add your PDF Document's URL to your RSVPify Event

There are a number of places where you may opt to prompt guests to download your PDF file. The Welcome Text (via setup > form design) or Primary Event Description (via setup > general options) are two options if you would like the guest to see the information in your PDF BEFORE submitting their RSVP.  

  1. Locate the text box of choice and type or locate the text you would like the document to link to. 
  2. Highlight that text and locate the "Link" button. 
  3. Paste the URL to your document. 
  4. Navigate to the Target Tab and select how you would like the document to open - We recommend in a New Window. 

Adding The Document Link to Your Confirmation Page

Alternatively, the link can be added as a button on your confirmation page.  

  1. Navigate to Setup > Confirmation Page > Custom Links
  2. Click "Add a Link"
  3. Add the text you would like to show on the button, and paste the document link

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