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How Do I Add a PDF or Document to email?

How to attach a document to your email

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Can I add PDFs or other types of documents to my email campaigns?

Sending PDFs and other types of documents as part of email campaigns is possible with RSVPify, but these documents cannot be directly attached to the email campaign. One of the main concerns for users related to sending email campaigns is that these emails reach all of the intended recipients.

In case when the email contains an attachment, there is a higher possibility that it ends up in the recipient's spam folder due to suspected malware. Furthermore, emails that contain PDFs are more susceptible to being difficult to send due to their size and having a higher risk of bouncing. Due to all of this, RSVPify allows you to attach these documents by linking them to the email while they are hosted on a cloud storage provider.

Upload your PDF Document to any Free Cloud Storage Provider and copy the Link to that file

  1. You will first want to upload your document to a free file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.  

  2. Be sure to set your sharing permissions as appropriate. You will want to make sure that anyone who has the link will be able to view your document. 

  3. Copy that file's link. You will need this as you're going to add it to your RSVP form (or invitation, confirmation email, etc.)

Add your PDF Document's URL to your event or email

Now that you have a link to share, you can add it in a number of places either on your event page, or in your email.

Adding links to your email

  1. Hyperlink any text by highlighting the text and selecting the link icon:

  2. Add a custom button with your link:

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