This support article applies to RSVPify 1.0 and 2.0.

In RSVPify 1.0

While RSVPify is mobile-friendly and will work across all major mobile platforms and devices, our 1.0 is not responsive. In other words, form fields and design elements will not adapt to the size of the display that they are being viewed on and users will have to scroll left and right when RSVP'ing from a mobile device.

In RSVPify 2.0

RSVPify 2.0's RSVP forms are fully-responsive and will automatically scale to desktop, tablet and mobile displays.

If you're an RSVPify 1.0 user and don't mind starting with a clean slate (1.0 events and data will not transfer to 2.0), we'd be happy to migrate your Single Event subscription over to 2.0. To sign up, click here.

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