With the RSVPify you can publish your event page and make it accessible to your guests, while also leaving the opening of the ticket sales for a later date. In this article, we will go over the steps required to close ticket sales for your event.

1. Publish your event

After customizing your Event Website and Registration Form and connecting the payment processor, the first step is to publish your event.

To publish your event locate 'Registration Open' in the actions menu of your event's header navigation:

Publish the Event Website

2. Close Registrations

To close registrations locate 'Close' in the actions menu of your event's header navigation:

close registrations

3. Customize the message

After selecting the 'Closed' option make sure to customize the message to be displayed. It is possible to add text or images to be displayed on the event page after the form has been closed. Finally, click on the 'Close Registrations Now' and your tickets won't be visible on the event page.

customize the message

4. View your Event Page

Once the event registrations are closed, you can preview your event page and if all steps were followed your event page should consist of Event Website and a customized message.

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