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Are emails required on the invite list?
Are emails required on the invite list?

Hint: No - emails are optional!

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If you are planning to use or considering an invite list for your event, one question that comes up is what invitee information do you need in order to set up the invite list. It is common that hosts only have the names of their invitees and no (or some) email addresses. And that's ok! Adding emails is totally optional on the invite list.

Can I invite two (or more) people with one email?

Absolutely! In this case, you can simply include the email address with the first invitee. You'll group the two individuals together using the group ID column in the import.

Adding group manually

You can add people to a group manually by clicking on the "Add invite to group" option and keep adding people to the same section.

Group in import:

If you are adding guests to a group through our invite list spreadsheet template, you would have to assign the same Group ID to all of the people who should be grouped. If you have individuals on the invite list, you can leave the "Group ID" field empty.

How does the invitee lookup experience work in this case?

When your invitees look up their invitations during the registration process, all group participants will be displayed.

All questions that you've set up in your registration form, including the RSVP block, will be asked for each participant of the group.

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