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How to copy an already sent email?

Duplicating a previously sent email to a new draft

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Sent email campaigns in the email builder tool can be saved back into the draft folder to be edited and sent later on. This allows you to use an already sent email as a template for future email campaigns if you are looking to send multiple email blasts, or send slightly different emails to custom audiences.

Step 1 - Access the list of your sent email campaigns in the email tool

You can access the emails you previously sent to your invitees via Email Communications > Sent

Step 2 - Open the three-dot menu in the campaign you wish to copy and save

Once you enter the Sent folder you need to click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the campaign that you want to save to your draft folder.

Sent Email Options

Step 3 - Select the option to duplicate the event to the draft folder

From the three-dot menu, you need to select the option to duplicate the sent campaign to your draft folder. This will allow you to access it, edit it and resend it at a later time:

Copy email to draft

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