The process of setting up a gift registry on RSVPify is very simple. The whole process is done in Setup > Event Website, and it takes place in several steps. These steps are the following:

Step 1 - Enter Setup > Event Website

Once you enter the Setup of the Event Website you need to click the '+' icon next to the 'Gift registry' block type

Add Gift Registry

Step 2 - Enter the settings of the Gift Registry

Once you add the gift registry block to your event website, you will need to enter the settings of that block by clicking the gear icon attached to its left-hand side in the preview:

Edit Gift Registry

Step 3 - Edit the content of the Gift Registry Block

Set the stores where your registry is located by changing the content of the default one in their respective settings (click gear icon next to each one to access its settings). Alternatively, you can add new stores by clicking the 'add a store' option.

Gift Registry

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