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Bot Protection Overview
Bot Protection Overview
Updated over a week ago

RSVPify offers optional bot protection, delivering proactive security that blocks and drops traffic from potential 'bad actors' before it can hit your event website. These protections help mitigate the possibility that automated traffic can submit registrations for your event and jump the queue.

You can enable this feature via Setup > Event Settings > Security & Passwords

Enhance the security of your RSVPify event

Enable CAPTCHA under the Human Check section of the page

Enable CAPTCHA for bot protection

By enabling this, all your guests will need to solve a CAPTCHA test. CAPTCHA test is designed to determine if an online user is really a human and not a bot.

After solving the CAPTCHA test, the guests will proceed to your event website and be able to register for the event.

Bot Protection captcha test - RSVPify

In addition to the CAPTCHA test, RSVPify generates a security token for every block added to your form builder. When registration is started, if the form is left inactive for a period of time, the security token will expire and the registration will have to be started again. This serves as an additional layer of protection to ensure the security of a given guest's session.

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